Blog #40 Review and Renew

Now that I have moved to my new home (please see previous blog #39 for details) I am still sorting and setting up my art studio. Part of that is unwrapping all my packed paintings from the big move. In doing so I found that once I saw some of them again and with fresh eyes I felt there could be some improvements made here and there. I thought hey let’s have some fun and do some adding to these acrylic paintings. I was really pleased with how these finished paintings looked already but seeing them anew inspired me to add some embellishments.

This meant that some of my acrylic paintings would soon end up becoming mixed media paintings and that was great with me. I pulled out my oil pastels and black ink pens, graphite pencils, my liquid acrylic inks and my acrylic pens. Using all these new materials on my paintings meant the sky was the limit especially with my abstracts. What a joy it was to play and dab and change and add elements to these paintings.

Above you have my original paintings seen on the left and the new revised/embellished paintings on the right. I think my additions to these paintings made have them even better. Adding more red outlines around the flowers and leaves with additional dots and circles in the background of ‘Botanical Bliss’ (top) made it all the more cohesive. My painting ‘Summer Inside’ (middle) had its background reworked reducing all that purple to blues to enhance the blue flowers. I also painted a few more leaves radiating out from the bouquet to the edges of the canvas to help anchor the overall image better. The tabletop got some more patterns and swooshes too. ‘Kiss My Tulips’ (bottom) needed some extra punch which the black broken outline around the flowers achieved as well as my adding decorative dots and lines on the leaves.

It really does help to put your artwork away for awhile and then review them with fresh eyes. It will direct you quickly to spot what is needed to tweak your paintings to become even better.

To see these above paintings close up and for more of my paintings available for sale please go to my original watercolour and acrylic art galleries on this website.