Blog #18 Outside In Ontario

I completed this painting on location. ‘Arms Out’ Fairy Lake, Acton On.’ $150. Watercolour Matted 8″x10″

I am so very fortunate to reside in Southern Ontario. It is truly a spectacular place to live and a stunning place to travel around while hunting out it’s wondrous scenery. I love getting outside away from my art studio more and more these last few weeks. Lately the great outdoors has been calling me, as well as my two fabulous fellow artists’ friends! We have been organizing weekly ‘paint outs’ together to various rustic locations and have been having a blast.

We like to head out to provincial parks, conservation areas and lakes. And it’s been thrilling! Thrilling to be with like minded friends that share the same enthusiasm for hiking through trails while searching for that perfect view to paint as I do. Sometimes the hiking is slow and methodical as we endlessly stop to photograph our surroundings. We don’t want to miss capturing a single weird shaped tree, dramatic shoreline or forest hillside with sun drenched lighting. This causes us to repeatedly drop all of our backpacks, easels, stools and bags to free up our hands and cameras. We are like sherpas, but on a different quest, weighed down by all the art supply necessities needed for our adventure. Once we come across the perfect vantage point we set up shop and get down to enjoy the excitement of painting. Sometimes we use acrylic paints on canvas, sometimes watercolours or just do some sketching. It feels so wonderful to be in such open settings. It invigorates our creative minds.

I’m working on an acrylic painting at gorgeous Rattlesnake Point, Milton On. The scenery is stunning!
My Ipad has a terrific camera. Here I am at the Eramosa River in Rockwood On.

It seems that all that fresh air makes me immediately hungry upon our arrival. Why does food taste so much better when eaten outside? Anyway I so appreciate these forays. It gives me time to relax and focus to get in the artistic mood. And the fun of laughing and talking while painting with my friends is the cherry on top. We support each other and not just artistically, they are special to me. Thank you ladies, where to next?

I hope this inspires you to grab some like minded friends and head out for your own painting adventure. To learn more tips about painting ‘Plein Air’, the painting outside experience read my Blog #11 ‘Getting Out And About’.

To see the finished watercolour painting ‘Arms Out, Fairy Lake Acton’ and more paintings please go to my original art watercolour and acrylic galleries on this website.