Blog #8 Mighty Mini Masterpieces

Even though they are only 3 inches square these tiny watercolour paintings can pack a punch.

Tiny can be terrific, consider the giant impact of creating small miniature watercolour paintings. There is an ease about painting mini works of art. The small scale isn’t at all intimidating. They are a perfect fit to do when you find yourself short on time or short on art materials too. My favourite size is a 3 inch square. I measure up a sheet of watercolour paper into 12 little squares leaving space around each one then I let my imagination have fun. You have free reign to create tiny landscapes, florals and abstracts. Doing multiple paintings at one time gives you the opportunity to quickly try out new styles and techniques, new colours and subject matter. Working with such small areas you are more inclined to paint a bunch of paintings in one sitting, skipping back and forth from one to the next.

3″ painting, canvas and matching easel perfect for displaying.

Once your paintings are completed you have some lovely options for displaying your finished art pieces. Art and craft stores carry tiny mini canvasses and matching easels, so cute! Trim your painting to match the size of your canvas and simply adhere it with double sided tape. Then place your mini masterpiece onto the easel stand and voila a beautiful piece of art for you to display or to give as a delightful original gift! If you’d prefer to use acrylic paints you can paint directly onto the mini canvas itself.

Another option to display your finished mini paintings is to group multiples of your images together and create a series. This is when your tiny paintings are related in some attractive way and look good gathered together as a set.

Line up 3 or more miniatures to be matted and framed together into one spectacular art piece.

They could be matted in a single row of 3, 4, 5 or more or stacked like a windowpane effect. Then matted and all framed together into one painting to hang. It looks wonderful that way. I have even painted a single micro mini painting that is only 2 inches by 2 1/2 half inches in size. I placed a large 3″ mat around it with a wood frame and it has such impact even though the painting is so very small. Creating miniature paintings can be the perfect fit for when you are in the mood to be creative and want to tackle working tiny in a big way.