Blog #4 Filling Your Creative Well

I have had the good fortune to travel to Arizona every year or so where my visits encompass as many art shows and as much of that breath taking desert scenery as possible.  When I return home I find my mind is teaming with ideas that I can use in my art. I am refreshed and my creative thoughts are renewed with possibilities.  

This leads me to the topic of ‘filling your creative well’ so that you can keep on making new paintings.   You needn’t travel to achieve a creative boost but you do need to find a way to add ideas and possibilities to your artistic mind. One way is to notice the vibrant colours, unusual subject matter and dramatic scenery, that is all around us. We just need to slow down and take a look. 

Loving my latest visit to Arizona’s wonderful desert hiking trails north of Phoenix.

Those shadows crossing your lawn or clouds tumbling in the sky can be your next new subject matter.  Buildings, woodlots or rural roads make great scenes.  Garden flowers showing off their bevy of colours can inspire you to use a new colour palette.  

Or look up closely at your subject.  Tiny plant life, tree bark or a rusted gate latch can become an intriguing painting.  Don’t forget the marvelous effects that dramatic lighting can bring to your art.  Sunsets, a foggy day, sunlight filtering through tree branches, street lights casting their glow on a wet road, all can add mood to your painting.

There is always the endless resource of fascinating photographic images on the internet that can inspire you too.  Or look through your own photos from your trips, holidays and outings.

Or pull out your art books and magazines to reanalyze their contents.

Researching artists that you admire or looking into different art genres is a great way to see and learn new approaches and techniques which is always invigorating.  

I hope you will find that these ideas will help you to reenergize and add to your creative mind so you can keep on making your painting magic happen!