Artist’s Blog

It’s here, it’s happening, the launching of my brand new website! This is my very first blog, ever, so here goes. Thank you for coming and taking a look at my new work. With the pandemic causing the need for many of us to self isolate I found focusing on new projects to be really helping me. I started big, painting several rooms in my house. Then decluttering closets, drawers, then on to reorganizing my studio. That is still an ongoing process for sure. But by shifting through things in there I discovered more watercolour paper, canvases and some half finished paintings and reference photos I had taken and they were all calling out to me. I listened. So painting began. It helped too that I was recently invited by an artist friend to a 7 day 7 paintings Facebook posting challenge. That lit a fire under me. You can see the results on my watercolour and acrylic gallery pages. Please stay tuned and visit often. I will be sharing news, techniques and stories with you regularly. Again thank you for coming to my new website. Be well!

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