Susan Little is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Her career includes magazine art direction, graphic design, and illustration. Susan has long appreciated the power and dynamic composition of graphic design and illustraiton in all print media. She strives to bring these components into her style of watercolour painting.

Her choice of paints for her palette is purposely limited, often restricted to just the primary colours: a red, a blue and a yellow. Susan creates all her other colours: the oranges, purples, greens and others are all mixed from those few original paints. In doing so, there is an instant harmony in her paintings and a vibrancy that can be obtained only in this way.

Susan launches into her paintings directly, only with her brush on her blank watercolour paper. There is no preliminary pencil drawing done that may mar the delicate paper. She feels the overall finished effect is cleaner, fresher, and more spontaneous that way. Susan is attracted to the intensity you can obtain in the watercolour medium and it shows in her bright, crisp paintings. Susan enjoys the freedom of creating large paintings and also the control of working in a miniature format.

Most of Susan pieces are created in her studio from her own photography and/or ample imagination. She prefers to work indoors so that her environment is constant and light is perfect.

Susan utilizes and combines multiple watercolour techniques in her work. One constant (in true watercolour fashion) is she never uses any white paint. The only white seen in her paintings is always the actual white of the paper.